Simplify Classroom Management with Behavior Mastery

Tired of complex tools that feel more like theory than practice? Behavior Mastery is a straightforward management system for your classroom that not only simplifies your approach– but also transforms how you see yourself and your students so that you can create a more heart-centered classroom. 

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Struggling with your student's behavior?

Behavior Mastery is an effective research-informed behavior management system that can help teachers unleash their full potential. We provide them with valuable tools and techniques to foster positive connections with students, parents and themselves and we do it in a fun and laughter-filled way! 

This system allows educators to increase job satisfaction, reduce disruptive behaviors in the classroom and build stronger relationships with those they interact with through the use of simple strategies that incorporate auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues with modern day brain science. Not only will these modifications lead to greater successes in the classroom, but also a more fulfilling work atmosphere for all involved – making it truly a Win-Win situation! 

How it Works

Mindset Shift & Tools

Behavior Mastery is a research-informed  social-emotional behavior management system that starts with mastery of oneself. 

As you, the adult connects more with your heart and inner child, you experience & understand how creating Win-Win environments benefits you and the children that look up to you. Behavior Mastery aligns with developmentally appropriate practices and is based in brain science.

Inner Child

Unleash your inner child to create a joyous classroom where everyone has fun including you!


Making your classroom truly about your children is about cooperation and listening to the children’s needs.


These tools will help you communicate with every child and get what you want done quickly!

Support Neurodiversity

Transform your challenging, oppositional and  bored kids into classroom leaders.


For the past 15 years we have helped THOUSANDS of teachers around the globe who have found great value in our programs.  

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